Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cherries in Cleaveland

Roadtrip - Day Three - Destination: Kirtland

Well, today was basically a drive day, we crossed the Mississippi river, drove through Illinois, Indiana and now we are Kirtland, Ohio. There's not too much to talk about today, but I will post a few pics for ya!

Mississippi River

"The Land of Lincoln"

"Welcome to Indiana!"

It's a Coke truck! Let's raid it! Hee Hee

"...and Columbus is the capital of Ohio!"

This is my favorite pic for today, this is Cleaveland, Ohio and it is probably the best view of the city that we saw from the highway. Since I took the picture from inside the car I got a picture with the cherries that hang from the rear-view mirror!

Well, I know that this was short, but I've got to be getting to sleep!

Blogging Later,