Monday, June 30, 2008

"Inedible, Not Intended For Human Food"

Roadtrip - Day Two - Destination: Davenport

So, while on the road, sometimes you tend to see weird things but this was something that really made me wonder... "What is inside the hull that truck?" What do you think could be inside of it? We tried to get a glance of the company or any other information on the truck, but nothing was to be found! What are us common travelers supposed to think of trucks like that?! (If you get a chance, please comment and let me know what your ideas are of what could be inside!)

Well, it's a bit later tonight since I worked on organizing my photos some more and I just got the computer charged up. Today was a pretty good day, we had a lovely continental breakfast at the Howard Johnson in North Platte and then we drove for a long while.

One of our big stops today was in Nebraska, we stopped at the Mormon Trail Center - Winter Quarters, which was the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for about two years. Sadly though, during the harsh winters about 600 of the Saints died there and are buried there. It was just really cool though to visit the center there, they have different displays of what the pioneers and people in the Willie-Martin Handcart company would have brought with them, they had a replica of what cabins at Winter Quarters were like and how much room they had. I think the thing that I found the most amazing was the reminder of how much faith the Saints had to leave what they knew as home to journey across a land they didn't know to a place they weren't sure where it was. Sister Hansen, the missionary who guided the tour for us, said that Faith, Hope and Charity were the things that kept people alive on the trail, at Winter Quarters and though their "Exodus." That really meant a lot to me because Faith, Hope, and Charity are the traits that are mentioned in my favorite scripture, Ether 12:28,
Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness.

After touring at the visitors center and going to the cemetery where the 600 are buried my sister and I walked over to the Winter Quarters Temple which is a stone's throw away from the cemetery. Sometimes it still stuns me how beautiful the Lord's Temples and the Temple Grounds are and how tranquil it is there, even just on the grounds of the temple.

Well, tonight we are staying at the Baymont in Davenport, Iowa and there is a store/restaurant called the Cracker Barrel within walking distance away from the hotel and we got a bite to eat there - we both had breakfast for dinner, though it wasn't a big dinner since we had been snacking all day.

Well, I have some more stuff to do before I get to bed. I will update later!

Blogging Later,

Sylvia Magellan (and other helpful guides)

Let me introduce you to...
Sylvia Magellan!

Yup, this is Sylvia, she is our "Magellan Roadmate," she is great as a guide and is always willing to recalculate the route that you are on if you turn the wrong way. Chrissi and I found that she is great when we get to a division in the freeway or when we are getting off the freeway - basically, she makes sure that we get off at the right place and even sends a "ding dong" sound to let us know that we are going in the right direction.

We got to thinking that we should give our GPS a name since it has a voice - it's kinda weird to have a nameless voice talking and as we started thinking of names I thought of Sylvia and it just seemed to fit her voice.

We are using Sylvia in addition to our Roadmap, and the book called "The Next Exit," which is a marvelous book. Basically it is a listing of all the states, all the major highways and their exits. It is really nice because it tells you what is at every exit as far as food, gas, lodging, hospitals, parks and camping areas. It's really helpful if you are craving a certain type of food and you don't want to get on and off the freeway too many times.

Well, that's my bit on helpful guides while traveling...
Blogging later,

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Windless Windmills

Roadtrip - Day One - Destination: North Platte

Well, the first day of the road-trip is coming to a close, it's 10:45 pm Nebraska time and I am just relaxing on a queen-sized bed givin' you the update while watching TV.

Today was a long day, we got up early and got some last minute things together and got out around 8:00 AM, we stopped at Little America and made sure to get our 50 cent ice cream cones. I think it's pretty amazing how there is just that little oasis of a spot just in the middle of nowhere. Little America seems to always be getting better. Last year they were doing construction between the gift-shop and restaurant and this year, we found that they added a playground to the Little America stop. I think it's great that they decided to invest in one, since many people - many families with small children stop there to take a stretch and get a bite to eat.

So, on our way to our one of our first stops we traveled through some hilly areas, and one area which seemed the optimum spot to harvest wind for power. It seemed obvious anyway since there was literally a field of windmills. The strange thing was that they weren't moving at all! My sister and I found that to be terribly ironic since it's supposed to be really windy up there but there was no wind at all! I took a picture as we were driving past the windmills and that's what they looked like - no movement at all!

One may wonder what in the world a passenger could do while in the car for around nine hours (The time from SLC, UT to North Platte, NE). Wanna know what I did while in the car? (I know you do!!!) So yes, there is the obvious option to sleep, which suits me fine since I get drowsy from the movement of the car anyway. However, one can only sleep so much in the car... and it's seriously murder on your neck if you are in the wrong position. So what else to do? Well we listened to CDs while we were still in Utah and once we got to Rawlins, Wyoming, we started listening to Fire of the Covenant by Gerald N. Lund on CD and I have been following along in the book. I felt skeptical at first about reading it, but so far it's pretty good. It is a fictional story based on the journey of two families from their native lands to America and to their final destination of Zion, (Utah). It is about the handcart company that got stuck in the winter and had some hard times on their journey. I am really enjoying this book, it's a great way to get in the mood for Pageant and just be reminded of things that are important to me - things that I value.

Well, I still have some things to do before I go to bed, I was thinking of doing some reading and maybe work on organizing my photos from last year. Oh yes, I am organizing my photos from last year while on the trip and I sorted them a bit before I started blogging, but I'll need to do some more organizing soon. Maybe that will wait until tomorrow, it's 11:15 PM Nebraska time and I should get to bed... the hard thing is that for me it's still 10:15 PM Utah time, so really this isn't my usual bedtime...

Ah well, I should sleep anyway it's going to be another long day of driving. We might be stopping at Winter Quarters tomorrow! That should be good.

That's all for my update
Posting later,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Roadtrip (Again!)

I am going on a roadtrip with my sister, Christine, to participate in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I will be at the Hill Cumorah, in Palmyra, New York, from July 4th until July 20th but since we are driving we are leaving on the 28th or 29th of June and we plan on being back by the 29th or 30th of July. Before and after the pageant I can use the internet, if we find hotels with WiFi and I will be able to post updates. During the pageant I can write postcards to anyone who wants to receive one. If you want me to write to you let me know. I will be posting the address where you can reach me from July 4th to July 20th (the last day you can send something is on July 15th and the first day is July 1st). I would really appreciate a letter from you while I am gone and I would be happy to write to you as well!!!

Please note, that while I can receive text and voice messages on my cell phone, I may not be able to respond quickly during this time.

IF YOU WANT TO WRITE ME, you can reach me at the following address:

Holly E. Ferrin
The Hill Cumorah Pageant
P.O. Box 403
Palmyra, New York 14522

Please note that letters sent after July 15 run the risk of arriving after we leave the Hill Cumorah.

I'd love to hear from ya!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raised Eyebrow Interesting

Ok, so how long has it been since I have posted anything? The last time I posted was in April and all of May went by without any word and we are now into the second week of June and here I am to say that I am back for a new post! *Accepts thunderous applause and bows*

Alrighty then, enough of the imaginary applauding, lets get to the good stuff shall we?

Sooooooo, where to start, where to start? Well, I guess I will start with an explanation for my absence away from my blog, which I know you all read so often! I think what happened was that after some interesting events and encounters with friends I no longer had the motivation to post anything for a while. I mean, what is the point of posting something if the people who read it are not going to read it? Case and point made, I will move on and away from that disappointing and depressing subject.

So it turns out that my grades are as good as I thought they would be;
ASL 2010 - A
ASL 2040 - A
ENGL 2010 - A
HLTH 1100 - A
MUSC 130R - A
PHYS 1010 - B

I think I did pretty good for myself!

Wow, I am way tired, I just realized, and I didn't cover nearly as much as I thought I would, so it will have to be procrastinated just a little bit longer readers!