Monday, June 30, 2008

Sylvia Magellan (and other helpful guides)

Let me introduce you to...
Sylvia Magellan!

Yup, this is Sylvia, she is our "Magellan Roadmate," she is great as a guide and is always willing to recalculate the route that you are on if you turn the wrong way. Chrissi and I found that she is great when we get to a division in the freeway or when we are getting off the freeway - basically, she makes sure that we get off at the right place and even sends a "ding dong" sound to let us know that we are going in the right direction.

We got to thinking that we should give our GPS a name since it has a voice - it's kinda weird to have a nameless voice talking and as we started thinking of names I thought of Sylvia and it just seemed to fit her voice.

We are using Sylvia in addition to our Roadmap, and the book called "The Next Exit," which is a marvelous book. Basically it is a listing of all the states, all the major highways and their exits. It is really nice because it tells you what is at every exit as far as food, gas, lodging, hospitals, parks and camping areas. It's really helpful if you are craving a certain type of food and you don't want to get on and off the freeway too many times.

Well, that's my bit on helpful guides while traveling...
Blogging later,

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