Monday, February 11, 2008

The Jonas Brothers - In Concert!

So, Last Friday I went to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert. I met my friend Julie at the Gateway and then we drove to the E-Center. We arrived around 5:00 and parked the car, soon after, we walked to the nearest Chili's and had a scrumptious dinner. I had their new Mini Burgers which were cooked to perfection and fabulous!

By the time we had been seated and the food served and eaten, it was around 6:00. Man, were there a lot of Jonas Brothers fans in the restaurant! Though, I was happy to see that the age range of the fan group was pretty broad. Julie and I saw a lot of teenagers who were our age and a bit younger, so we didn't feel very out of place like I sort of thought we would.

By the time we had climbed over the ice hill in the parking lot a couple of times and put our take-out boxes in her car it was still early! We decided that we would head in anyway and it was a no-wait entry!

Our seats were on the second level but the view was fabulous! We had a front and center view - only from a-far. There are only seven rows on the second level because it was very steep and we were on the top, but since we were at the back we were able to stand up, sing along, and dance around and be the crazy women that we were!

They opened with a group that we were not familiar with but we thought that they were pretty hott and their guitars were sexy. Since we didn't know who they were we deemed them the "Hott 5" since they were hott and there were five of them. (I know, we are very original)

After the "Hott 5" finished their set the techies put the finishing touches for the Jonas Brother's set. It seemed like forever before the curtain would open and the trio of starlit hotties would come out.

The Jonas Brothers finally let the curtain drop and it was an explosion of excitement and music. They played some of their newest songs first and worked through their latest album. There were two songs that they played from their earliest album and they were "Underdog," and "Year 3000." They saved their hit singles for last and everyone was able to sing along with them.

Pictured from left to right is Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. If I remember correctly, Nick is the youngest of the trio, Joe is in the middle and Kevin is the oldest of the trio.

There are three particular songs that I remember especially - first is "Australia" when Joe was on his knees singing to the girls on the side. I couldn't help but think of how much I would love a guy to sing to me that way and with that kind of passion. The second song that I will remember was where Nick was on the drumset and Kevin came in with a humongous bass drum and finally and most interestingly, Joe was in the center with what looked like a fire extinguisher. Though it was more like dry ice that came out of it than anything. Nick and Kevin would play the "da da da dum" part of the rhythm and Joe would send out a spurt of dry ice which was way cool! The third song was where the brothers were taking off their jackets, vests, arm-bands and other apparel until they were down to pants and sleeveless shirts.

The concert lasted a good two hours or so, but it was over too fast. Before Julie and I knew it they were up on the top level of the stage sinking through the floor of the stage and waving their goodbyes.

We stayed until the lights came on, hoping that there would be an encore, but no such luck for us that night. We headed out and got free posters that were being handed out.

After getting to the car and calling our parents to let them know that the concert was over, Julie took me home and there was no question on how well I slept that night...

Well, that's all I have for the Jonas Brothers - take a look at this video from their official YouTube site.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am part Tarzan, part Simba

Which Disney Hero Are You?

You are part Tarzan. You feel out of place when you venture away from your home and into the heart of the city. Your whole life you've been trying to fit in with the styles and trends, but now you're starting to realize that it's OK to enjoy simplicity. Watch out though! Someone your complete opposite is about to enter your life.
You are part Simba. You're young, naive, and misguided. However, don't fear, because your growth comes exponentially with hard times ahead. Only then will you reach the goals you've set out to accomplish.
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Marriage Proposal

Yes, it is true - I was proposed to!

OK, OK, I suppose it isn't as cool as it could be. When I first told a lot of my friends what had happened they were surprised because I haven't been dating anyone seriously (or at all for that matter).

It wasn't the way I thought it would happen, I was hoping for something a bit more romantic...

I was I was getting off of the TRAX train at my usual stop and as I started heading for the parking lot I literally ran into a guy. I mumbled, "sorry" to him and was ready to just head off, I heard him say something to me and I didn't quite understand him, so I turned around and asked him what he had said and he said, "you have nothing to be sorry about." I was thinking, "ok..." and then before I could say anything to him he looked me over and said, "wow, you're pretty." So, I replied a polite "thank you" and he proceeded to ask me my name and said that my name was pretty too. He talked about a few things and then he asked me my age and at this point I was thinking, "erm, I think I had just better start running here," I admitted that I was 19 and he seemed stunned that I was that young. He said, "Dang, I am twice your age!" He just kept talking to me and I found him intriguing. By the time the next train came he had gone down on one knee and asked to marry me. I laughed and I said, "but I don't even know you!" and I was thinking, "and you are drunk and twice my age!" So yeah, I can now say that I have been proposed to. LOL I don't think I will ever see that guy again and I don't think that he will remember me since he was drunk.

What do you think of my experience?
How would you propose (or want to be proposed to)?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bob's House

So, today in my ASL 2010 class, Flavia (my professor) showed us the sneak peak to the Superbowl commercial that will be aired this Sunday. To my knowledge, this is one of the first times that there has been a commercial that has been done totally in sign language. I am so excited to see it!

Unfortunately, some of the people who responded to the commercial are ignorant of what wonderful culture Deaf people have and how beautiful their language is. I suppose they have not had the opportunity to learn more about Deaf culture, that can be the nice way of saying it.

Flavia encouraged us to read the comments that were made about the commercial so that we could see how Deaf people are opposed and discriminated against even today - 19 years after the reformation. I will post the video here, but I urge you to make your comment on YouTube as well. This is history in the making and we cannot let it fall to those ignorant enough to make such biased comments.

I absolutely loved this commercial and found it hilarious. The commercial is based off of a Deaf Culture joke about "Bob's House."
If you want to see the behind the scenes of making this commercial as well as some explanation about the history of the joke, check out this link.

Please make your comments here, YouTube, or wherever. Pass this video along to your friends.

If you have any questions regarding this video or Deaf Culture, don't hesitate to ask.

~A 'terp-in-training~