Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life, As It Stands

So... where to begin?

It has been over six months since my last blog entry. My reasons for not posting? It may have to do with the lack of readers/comments in my previous posts, it may have been the demanding schedule on my time.
It may have been the fact that I am just... (fill in the blank)
I found myself looking at other's blogs and either wishing they would update theirs, like some of my college friends) or marveling at how some people manage to find the time to blog daily (thank you KalebNation). With those observations in mind, I began musing about what I could do about it, this one person who really... wait, who even reads this again...? Yeah, well to those of you who do, I hope this makes some sort of dent in your day.

As I re-read that past informal paragraph I note that there seems to be a twinge of complaining to it. Lets get back on point here.

First, I want to say that I think some of the cause for my lack of blogging is due to my involvement with Facebook. I mean, status updates alone are like a long journal of informal blogging, are they not? Now, am I blaming Facebook? Not at all! I blame myself for neglecting my poor blog - I've missed it here, the feeling that I get when I type what I want to say without any list of demands as to what my topic should be or how many words long it must have.

I tell myself that I will go back and cover all that has been missed from my last post, but even if that does happen, it won't be to the extent that I want. So, if I manage to muster out an update about what has been going on in life, help me celebrate this feat by commenting. 'Please' and 'Thank You' are included.

My next intention is to go over some stuff that has happened in my life since my last post and then I intend to do some sort of media review(s).

What would YOU like to see? Movies? Music? Books? Gossip Articles?
Some thoughts I've had is doing a review on
Well, I will be on to my next post, updating about life and the ups and downs of it. Check back soon for more!




Krystle Jaquier said...

Hi Holly! I get to be the first to post a comment on your newest post, yay! :) I was trying to find some information about you Kung Fu fighting that kidney infection. How long has this been going on??
On a side note, you look really cute in turquoise and I love that you seem to growing your hair out, it looks really cute! I've always been a little jealous of your curly hair. Well I'll check back here later for when you talk about that other stuff! Luv ya, have a good week :)

Anonymous said...

There's Holls! I was wondering if I was somehow missing a new blog or something, 'cause you disappeared. Sorry for the lack of response - I really do read your entries, promises. :)

The Saling Family said...

That's the second time today I've heard about La Roux, I gotta check it out. And for the record, Owl City is cute but too monotonous across his tracks - and I should know since DH is playing them all the time now. oy :P