Thursday, April 9, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Alrighty then, so this post has been delayed... I am so sorry for my lateness. So on March 20-22, I spent my Spring Break weekend in Las Vegas with my cool sister, Chrissy! We left early on Friday to head to Salt Lake International to get a flight. Chris got a good deal on the tickets through T-mobile so we figured, why not fly?

Upon arrival, we checked into the Excalibur hotel and proceeded to walk almost all of the Las Vegas strip. It was amazing to see everything... each casino/hotel was distinctly different, like different worlds or planets. I made the observation that it's probably that way so that there is at least one hotel/casino that is appealing to any one person who is in Vegas, and honestly, after seeing Ocean's 11, who could go wrong with the Mirage, Bellagio, and MGM Grand? (Those are all Terry Benedict's) I guess that Excalibur was appealing to me... it's a freakin' castle! I loved it.

Excalibur features a show called "Tournament of Kings," which is similar to Medieval Times California (for all of you WX Spring Break trippers!), you are served yummy food, you eat without utensils, you watch the tournament while rooting for your king, which includes, joust, javelin, hand-to-hand combat, and lets not forget the creepy dragon king!

Norway's Flag

Dinner... Yum-O!

Me and Prince Christian!

We had zesty tomato soup, our own little chicken, broccoli, baked potato wedges, and a desert. Our king was the king of Norway, but I was able to meet Prince Christian, who ended up being the "winner," and I think we may have had a moment. I would have taken more pictures of the tournament, but flash photography is distracting to the horses and the performers. Oh, another cool thing about the tournament was that there was bit of amazing acrobatics/gymnastics that was done by a small woman and it was all through two guys holding up a board and she did her thing that way... Amazing!

Well, this is the end of what I have for the first part of my report about Vegas, be on the lookout for Part 2!

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