Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Baby, Part II - ish...

Some of the other things that Chrissi and I did were, going to the Coca Cola and M&M stores, doing some serious exploration of the Strip, and shopping for good little trickets and such. We made sure to stop at the Bellagio's beautiful fountain where Danny and the boys (Ocean's 11) stood and marveled at how beautiful the spring of sychronized spouting water was.

Places like the Coca Cola and M&M stores, were amazing, with so much stuff, T-shirts, socks, PJ pants, watches, jewelry, pins, shoes, flip-flops, you name it! I bought a necklace from the Coca Cola store that was made out of the old glass bottles. Chrissy and I saw a 3D show at the M&M store (which has like umpteen levels of M&M stuff, I might add) and it was a'mmmmazing!

Coca Cola Store -

Chrissy, her Coca Cola goods and the classic Coca Cola Bottle!!!

Red and I

Me and the M&M Nascar

Another show that we saw while in Vegs was "Race to Witch Mountain," which was perfect for the trip since the storyline was set in Las Vegas (among other parts of Nevada). We decided to see that since we didn't want to blow all of our money on a Vegas show, however, it just amazes me how just going a few miles south and all of a sudden movie and popcorn prices are through the roof! "Race to Witch Mountain," was a lot better than Chrissi and I ever thought it would be and I would highly reccomend it.

Something else I would reccomend is getting the "Duce" Pass, for only a small reasonable fee, you can ride the Duce up and down the strip, get on at Caesars Palace and get off at the MGM Grand, or not, the choice is yours!

Supposedly a Hard Rock Cafe is being built on the Strip of Vegas, which would be really cool! The one that me and my family used to go to went out of business... from lack of business I suppose. I plan on eating there the next time I am in Vegas! Rock on!

I think that about sums it up as far as the final part of Las Vegas goes, if you would like to see more, or at least on a different perspective, check out my sister's blog about Vegas.

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Jeff! said...

Did you buy anything at the M&M store? I didn't know they have shows there. Weird.