Monday, September 22, 2008

Socicology - "the Study of the Obvious"

Ok, so I've been to a little over 10 classes thus far and I am finding that I am having a hard time with the class in general. Now, my intention isn't to bash on my professor or his teaching methods. I just thought that I would highlight some of the things that I liked, some of the things that I found interesting.

My professor says that sociology is really "the study of the obvious," rather than "the study of society." It may be the obvious, but some of the things that I have thought while in class are pretty profound. And by the way, what is the true definition of society? He uses that word a lot.

August 27, 2008
  • Never accept something as pure truth at face value, take time to consider and question it.
  • We are who we are because of how and where we live and because of who we live with.
  • We are taught how to think in different ways - it depends on the environment we live in.
August 29, 2008
  • To find out what ideas mean, find applications for them.
  • Rather than accepting something as a pure truth, discuss different ideas in abstract perspectives to see all the possibilities behind the statement. Consider authority and power, how and why someone has it and if they are really right.
  • Do we conform?
    • How do we conform?
    • Why do we conform?
    • When do we conform?
  • Why are you in college?
    • What do you gain for it?
  • How do morals, ethics and values fit into sociology?
  • Things that we respect and things we ought to respect are very different.
    • Why do we respect and attract the things we do?
September 3, 2008
  • How does being born into different societies effect who you are, what you do, and what you accomplish?
  • How do you find a balance between conformity vs. unique identity?
  • We are all the products of circumstances of which we come.
September 5, 2008
  • The situations in which we live, shape our ways of being/thinking.

Think about these things, tell me what you think...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Bueno Y Malo

Hey There Collegiate Readers!

So, I have had some interesting experiences these past few days...


Last Friday was really a pretty good day. The devotional that I attended was very good. The speaker was Jack Christiansen, he is a alumni of the staff at the Orem Institute of Religion. I really enjoyed his talk. It was on kindness and doing the right thing because it is right. Let's not forget the munch and mingle that occurs after each devotional - they always serve something good!

I played a few rounds of pool to end up the school-week and then just hung out with the people in the game room. By the time closing time came, I hadn't returned the pool equipment to the main office yet, so one of the secretaries came to get it. At that point, I remembered that I needed to pick up my UVU Plus card from the office since you have to trade your ID for the equipment. Well, to my dismay, my ID was no where to be found and the thought that it might be in the hands of someone dishonest and irresponsible was shocking and horrifying. So that in and of itself really sort of ruined the weekend for me and my family just with the worry of it all.

So, instead of risking the loss of money to someone who may have picked up my card I called up the 24 hour line to the bank that is linked with the card and I froze my account.

Thankfully, and luckily, I checked my e-mail and found that a young lady named Amy had sent me a message on Facebook that said that she had my ID card and to call her at the number she gave me. I checked out what I could see of Amy's profile and she was in the Provo network and that she was married so I guessed that she either attended institute on campus or at least went to the young married socials at the institute that happen in the evening. She said that she found it late on Friday night.

So, obviously, excited with anticipation I called her up once it was 8:00 am, today, and asked for details on where and when I could get my card back. We set up a time and place and I met here there and she had it! I was so thankful to her for that! At least some kind and honest people still exist in this world.


Saturday was a pretty good day, I got up early and went to work at the Fabric Center. I usually don't work there very often; I was just subbing for another clerk. It was so good to be back at the place I love to be and to help people with their sewing projects. Best of all, I was able to work with Marilyn and Allyson, I think I have had some of my best times working with them. It was really good to see Allyson again. I love that girl, she is probably the sweetest girl that I know and a lot of times I just want to hug her!


Sunday was a pretty good day, there weren't very many kids in nursery and there seemed to be more adults than kids. I think it was a hard day for a few of them. I went to YSA, which was good and interesting. I like to go to YSA because it gives me an opportunity to go to Sunday School since I am in nursery during the time that the adults go to Sunday School. I am not complaining about that, don't get me wrong, but it is also nice to be able to see people my age who I don't see very often anymore.


Today was a pretty good day. ASL seems to be going pretty well, my professor seems to see that I am trying very hard in class. The same goes for my Ethics and Values professor. Both classes are small and I don't mind speaking up in those classes.

However, I must say that I found my Sociology professor to be very annoying today. He talked about many things, about how society shapes the expectations of what comes with differing roles and status' that are established just with living within society.

The thing that bothered me though was the fact that he was justifying that society sees it as OK to not pay women the same wage as men. His reasoning behind it was that women are not as commited to their jobs because they have to work in the home as well, be mothers and homemakers and housewives and are more likely to quit their jobs and work as a mom. While I understand the reasoning behind it, I still think it is wrong. Even if the majority of women in Utah Valley do want to be housewives, that is no reason to pay them less than the men. Women are doing the exact things that men do in the workplace. Most working women that I know are very commited to their jobs and it seems like the only way for women to get ahead romancing their way to it. I think that too many times, women who are committed and work hard don't recieve the merit that they deserve. I honestly think it's a bunch of B.S. that women still get paid less than men ! My professor stated the fact that 33% or one third of all women in America are the bread-winners of the family. With that being said, how are women supposed to support their family and keep up a household when she has to work more hours to compensate for the lack of pay?

My professor went on to say that men that are in positions of power and management are respected when they are assertive and authoritative. However, he went on to say that women who are in positions of power and management are not as respected, he went as far to say that they are bit**es. That made me so mad! He made it seem like it was OK to see women of power that way. It is not OK! I don't appreciate what he said. However, I do realize that he may have been saying that to just get us thinking and to get a rise out of us. Even so, I still don't appreciate it!


Anyway, thanks for reading the vent about my Sociology professor. Please comment! Let me know what you think about my past few days that have been "bueno y malo."


Blogging later,
~Holly Elizabeth

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun & Inexpensive Dating Ideas

So, in my institute class - Dating & Courtship (AKA Date & Mate) - we discussed fun & inexpensive dating ideas. My friend Brittany and I came up with a list of possible dates that are fun but don't eat a hole in your pocket. Here is the list that we made.

1. Dinner making and movie (fav veggis)
2. Childhood dinner favorites
3. Game night
4. Scavenger hunt
5. Church dance
6. Pet washing
7. Study date
8. Special smoothie (fav fruits)
9. Musical Chairs (fav music)
10. Cloud Watching
11. Star Gazing
12. Teach each other a new skill
13. Walking
14. Coloring
15. Face Painting

What are some of your thoughts? Do you have some fun experiences? What would you like to do if you could choose?

By the way, if you want to know more about any of my ideas, just ask about it (them) in a comment.

Lemme know what you think!

Blogging Later,
~Holly Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Color Rose is My Love Represented by?

Your Love is Represented by a Orange Rose

When you're in love, you tend to be overwhelmed and consumed by desire.

You develop fascinations with people easily, and they're sometimes even borderline obsessions!

You tend to come on strong. Your love is as hot as a flame.

"Writings" Update

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