Friday, February 1, 2008

Bob's House

So, today in my ASL 2010 class, Flavia (my professor) showed us the sneak peak to the Superbowl commercial that will be aired this Sunday. To my knowledge, this is one of the first times that there has been a commercial that has been done totally in sign language. I am so excited to see it!

Unfortunately, some of the people who responded to the commercial are ignorant of what wonderful culture Deaf people have and how beautiful their language is. I suppose they have not had the opportunity to learn more about Deaf culture, that can be the nice way of saying it.

Flavia encouraged us to read the comments that were made about the commercial so that we could see how Deaf people are opposed and discriminated against even today - 19 years after the reformation. I will post the video here, but I urge you to make your comment on YouTube as well. This is history in the making and we cannot let it fall to those ignorant enough to make such biased comments.

I absolutely loved this commercial and found it hilarious. The commercial is based off of a Deaf Culture joke about "Bob's House."
If you want to see the behind the scenes of making this commercial as well as some explanation about the history of the joke, check out this link.

Please make your comments here, YouTube, or wherever. Pass this video along to your friends.

If you have any questions regarding this video or Deaf Culture, don't hesitate to ask.

~A 'terp-in-training~

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Brian said...

haha, that was a great commerical I like. Here's the united way commercial thats going to air.