Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ahh Heath - Why Did You Have To Die?

So here I am, it is about a quarter after seven in the evening on a Saturday night and what am I doing? Am I out with friends? No. Am I talking on the phone with a guy? No. Am I doing something that I really want to do? Naw... So I have been doing research for my 20 page English paper all day today, and I think I deserve a little break so here I am updating ya'll on my life.

While researching the internet for the past few hours my sister and I have been watching movies, first we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix then we watched Win-A-Date With Tad Hamilton and now we are watching A Knights Tale - easily the best movie that Heath Ledger he was in.

It saddens me that a man like him had to be stupid and die!

Anyway, so now we are watching that and I would have to say that by far, my favorite quote is this...
"Better to be a silly girl with a flower rather to be a silly boy with a stick."
"It's called a lance... hello?"

So besides Heath Ledger here is the news on the weather in Utah.

It's freakin' snowing! It was just beginning to get green here and the flowers were blooming and then the next thing I see is the small yellow flowers covered with a frosting and dusting of snow.

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