Monday, July 14, 2008

Short but Sweet Update

Well, today is the 11th of the 17 days that we are at the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to post updates because we really don't have a very good connection in the dorms and really, we don't have time once we get back from the Hill.  
Our days start at 6:00 and we don't get back to Hobart/William Smith College until past midnight on performance nights. 
 Oh wow!  My experience here has been absolutely marvelous!!!  I tried out for a movement part, which is a part that does dances or is in battle and I was casted as a Nephite Battle Banner Carrier along with 11 other battle-women.  The banners themselves are 25 tall and long pounds of metal and upholstery.  I would venture a guess that the banners are probably twice my hight (which isn't too hard to be tall around me (hee hee)).

Well, my sis made a long post today on her blog and has a lot of pictures, go check it out!  I will post when I can later. 

Blogging later,

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