Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Sunday Still Unstained by Homework

Well, this week has been... interesting... I will give you the quick recap.

  • Work

  • Helped Mom at WX
    • Ate Breakfast with Briahna and Kaylee
  • New Epileptologist Appointment
    • Psycho Phlebotomist
  • Talked with U of U student on TRAX
  • Hung Out with Jeff M.
    • Ate at Litza's Pizza
    • Shared music on our MacBooks

  • Helped Mom at WX
  • Took Frontrunner/TRAX/UTA Bus to Campus
  • Found my classes
    • ASL Level 3
    • Philosophy
    • Shakespeare
    • Sociology
    • Symphonic Band
  • Explored the new Library
  • Saw Joe...
  • Bought my books
  • Signed up for Institute
    • Dating and Courtship
    • Friday Devotionals

  • Hung Out With Breelyn
    • Breakfast at Johanna's Restaurant
    • Saw Mama Mia at Jordan Commons
  • Work

  • Work
  • Shopping at Dad's Work (Caterpilliar [CAT])
  • Shopping at Wal-Mart
    • New Shirt
    • Tink Bag
    • Purple iHome
    • School Supplies
    • Jewelry
  • Wrote the most of my talk
  • Work
  • Finsihed writing talk

  • Nursery Calling
  • Gave Report on Hill Cumorah Pageant Experience in Sacrament
  • Went to YSA Class

Pretty much all I have been doing today is exactly what I want... I have been able to surf the internet and just listen to music and enjoy the day. This is probably the last week that I will have a weekend, let alone a Sunday that I won't have to do homework. I am hoping though, that I won't have to do homework on Sunday. I start school this Wednesday and I am pretty excited about it.

I've sort of had a lot on my mind lately, stuff pertaining to work, school, and my new epileptologist. I won't be working nearly as much now that school is starting. It is a good thing that I won't be working because I get so tired so easily but at the same time, I am going to miss the people that I work with and I am going to miss the fabric...

I don't know what to think about my new epileptologist... she seems nice, and kind, but I am really sort of nervous about the whole thing... I have some new perscriptions that I am going to start in a month...

There is so much more I want to tell you right now, but my mind really isn't working too well with me...

~Holly Elizabeth

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Jeff! said...

That sounded like a really busy week! I hope you have fun at your first day of school today. :D IM me later!!