Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At This Moment

And what did you think I would say at this moment?
When I'm faced with the knowledge that you just don't love me
Did you think I would curse you or say things to hurt you?
'Cause you just don't love me no more

Did you think I could hate you or raise my hands to you?
Oh come on, you know me too well
And how could I hurt you when, darlin', I love you
And you know I would never hurt you, no, no, no


I'd fall down on my knees, kiss the ground that you walk on
If I could just hold you, if I could just hold you
I would fall don, down on my knees, oh God, please
Let me hold you, let me hold you again

The preceding stanzas are selections from Michael Buble's latest album, Crazy Love, from a song called, At This Moment.

So, I have put off posting this simply because admitting the fact that still sort of hurt makes it seem to hurt all that much more. It is honestly fascinating to me to think that even when I care about someone so deeply, on a level I have never felt before and I can share the sweetest moments with a young man but it isn't enough, or I am not enough, or something...

I realize now, that if he couldn't see the value of being with me then he must not be worth being sad about, right? I mean, we never officially dated, but it seemed like it was going to go that direction and I thought things were different this time. I guess it's just hard to see someone I care about choose to not care about me in the way I thought he did and then I see the person he chooses to care about through social networks like Facebook and I wonder, what makes her better? But I can't think that way, can I? Ah, enough babbling and ranting.

My thanks goes out to my best girls who support me, (you know who you are) and the collection of varying comfort-songs that get me through the day when the day gets going!

Any advice for me?



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