Saturday, May 22, 2010

Media Review II

May Music Video Premiere - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed

So, I'm sure you've all seen this picture before, heard the talk about it, how people were claiming that Miss Miley Cyrus, previously known as the squeaky clean Hannah Montana, was "pole dancing" at the Teen Choice Awards this last year. I, for one, didn't believe it and looked up the video myself. I found there was a pole, and there was dancing, but there wasn't the promiscuous, suggestive, acrobatic type of movement, ridiculously high heels, or near-nude clothing usually associated with "pole dancing," or at least the concept that I'm aware of...

Ok, so I justified these accusations against her, sort of in a silent defense that she would still be a wholesome and fun performing artist. I thought everyone was just trying to make Miley out to be another Disney-Good-Girl-Gone-Bad (Britney, Lindsay, Vanessa, Ashley and maybe even Hilary). I hoped (and I keep hoping) that Miley isn't trying to get more attention and viewers with the use of sex appeal and over-used pop beats and rhythms.

Back in August of '08, I wrote the first media review for this blog and it happened to be for Miley's first album, "Breakout," that wasn't associated with the "Hannah Montana" name. The following was my initial thought about the album.
My overall thought about "Breakout," is that it is a great debut album for her break-away from the "Hannah Montana" name. While most of her songs have the same upbeat peppy nature that Hannah performs there are a few songs that shows a different side that most Hannah-fans are not used to and a side that the older teenagers and young adults can better appreciate.
So, really, I thought this was a good place for Miley to be, various ages for fans and the songs are good, uplifting and soul-searching. I suppose though... it wasn't enough to be on TV, be a multi-platnum performing artist under the age of 18, AND be in a good few movies. Again, I suppose that I cannot stop anyone from changing or growing up... it's just hard for me to see something so good, fun and happy go to something that is associated with anger, selfishness, immodesty, etc. Take a look at these stills that I selected from her new song. They are taken from the new music video, featured by Vevo, as well was the premiere on network television on Dancing with the Stars.

So, as you can see, from these stills alone, Miss Miley Cyrus seems to be heading in a different direction, one that I know will bring her financial success and fame. My question for you is this, is it right? Is it going to bring her true happiness? Is it going to be what the majority of what viewers and listeners want?

My Thought...
Nest/Wings/Outfit: I am thinking that the nest/cage is a metaphor for either Hannah or Home and that the wings are a metaphor for her desire to break free from her essential prison and her outfit is supposed to show some sort of maturity(?), but yet wild nature due to the use of animal-like costumes.

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What are YOUR thoughts?

Let me know peeps!

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Jeff! said...

I still don't know what to think about her new video. The song is ok to me (I don't like songs the first couple of times listening to them). I think she may head in a more sexual direction, I just hope that she doesn't become a complete sell-out.

Briana Shipley said...

I hate to be a hater, but I have NEVER liked Miley Cyrus. She has no real acting talent, and all of her songs are so touched up, it might as well be a robot singing.

I personally don't really care about this new direction she is taking, I mean, it is what Hollywood is all about: sex. This change in Miley's style comes as no surprise to me. If Miley wants to keep up as a teen/20-something, she's going to have to go in that direction to say hot. I keep looking for artists that aren't afraid to go against the grain; and let me tell you, they are few and far between.

Michael said...

Well I'm not a huge Miley Cyrus fan, but I did like songs like "The Climb" of hers. It was refreshing to have a young singer who was more into meaningful songs, rather then the hype of songs enriched with techno that you'd hear in a rave.

I, however, was not a follower of her so it came as a shock how far she's come from where I last saw her. It appears that it is only a matter of time before the corruption of Hollywood affects those seeking to be popular in the eyes of the general public.

RIP Miley. lol.