Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 - A Belated Post

So, I was just thinking about family members who have passed away, and for an odd reason too.

I redboxed Captain America a day or two ago, and, out of all "hero" movies I have seen thus far, I would have to say that this is my new favorite.

Off-topic you say? Well yes, I see your point. What reminded me of my family members who have passed away was the time in which Captain America was set, as well as the twist on historical events it showed. My grandparents were adults during that time, and if I remember correctly, my grandfather was a soldier in the army.

I never actually knew Grandpa Kofford, but I feel most sure that we must've passed each other through the veil. My mom told me that, as a child, I said something to the effect of how I had known Grandpa in heaven, and how he had picked me out to be sent to my family, which I believe is entirely possible given that he passed away only a few years before I was born. 

Yes, I believe that he knew I was the right child for his baby girl. I am so grateful that I was sent tothe family I am sealed to now.

As for my Grandma Kofford, I knew her for just under half of my life, but those were sine of the best years of my life. Learning from her, spending time with her, sharing meals with her, and showing her she was able to make a difference in my life, even in her nineties.

I look at where I am at now in life, I graduated from WXHS, and next spring I will be graduating from UVU. I have learned how to be a part of the community and contribute in a positive way. I have developed many talents and skills, many of which were seeded by her life-lessons in my childhood. I only hope I have made her proud.

Then there is my Daddy. He passed away a little over 2 years ago. It's amazing how much I have grown and learned since then. I wish he was here. There are so many questions I still have for him. There is so much more I wish I could have learned from him. And I wish he was here so he could sit down with any potential dates I may have and grill 'em to find out if the boy in front of him was man enough to be a respectful, caring, gentleman to me.

I miss my Daddy.

But, in regards to Captain America, what reminded me if my dad was how he loved history, more specifically war history, and next to that, he liked classy action movies and if he were alive I am sure he would like this new movie.

Captain America was the underdog, but he stayed true to his morals and values and was able to succeed. That is something my dad would appreciate - that and seeing Tommy Lee Jones as Patton. ;)

This has been an odd blog, I know, but it was just my stream of thought. I hope you were able to get something from it.

Remember who makes you strong.

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