Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In Between Classes

Well, it is the time in between classes here at UVU and I don't really have anything to do so I thought I would post this. I just came from ASL 2 and I am waiting for Band to start. Actually my ASL project group was supposed to meet at 11 but only one other person, besides me, decided to stay after... Oh well.. I am really tired today. It seems like there wasn't a weekend at all. All I did, sadly enough, was watch movies, surf the internet, and maybe eat and sometimes sleep. This is so crazy. I need to get a life away from the internet - I have homework to do people!

Well, among internet news, Hogwarts College is being really weird right now. Many people are having a hard time posting and sending personal messages and I as a staff member can't submit points. (Sorry Viper) According to Professor Putt, everything will be sorted out soon.

Oooh, I also wanted to tell you guys that I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger to my laptop, so when I bring it to school I can be online. Just for your 411, my username is hollywx07 - quite ironic that that is my username for this too ;)

So today, I need to go to the ASL lab, Campus Connection and the Library. We are required in ASL to be in the lab at least 1 hour a week; so because I have Institute today at 5:15 I think I will have enough time to go to the lab. I have to go to Campus Connection to put more money on my card. "Yeah!!!" and then I have to go to the Library to research for my Persuasive Essay in English 1010 - an introduction to writing.

Well, seeing as how I won't get out of band until 1:45 I think I should eat a snack or two. Here's to Cheese and Crackers!!!

Lots of Love


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