Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie

Well, yesterday my mom initiated that we all should go out for a girl's night to celebrate the end of the week and just kick back and relax from our stress and worries. So we all came home from work and school early and once everyone was home we picked up my aunt and we headed to dinner.

Wendy's is a favorite of my mom's and my aunt loves their chili. We had fun just chatting and cracking obnoxious jokes. I had my current favorite there, a baked potato and chicken nuggets. But I am such a slow eater, it is riddiculous! By the time I had put butter and sour cream on my potato my sister had gotten through 3/4 of her chicken sandwhich. I didn't feel quite so bad about it like I usually do because my aunt is slow too, but she has a reason, she is older (72). I notice when I am eating with friends I usually don't finish my food because they all finish and then they are ready to go. I know that the few of you who read this can attest to that. Though thankfully, most of my friends are understanding about my ridiculous slow-eating habbit.

We decided that we would head to the dollar movies and see Hairspray, I think what drew my mother to it was it's well-known cast. Honestly I think she wanted to see how John Travolta would pull off being a woman.

Brian texted me and told me that he might be seeing Hairspray with some of his friends at the same time. I told him what theatre we would be at in case he wanted to "bump into me." It turned out that he went to see Stardust instead but as we texted each other about the movie after I had seen it we decided that both of us love the song "Without Love."

Can I just tell you that I absolutely loved the movie?!!!

Not only did it have a star-studded cast, but it had such great messeges. I liked how, while it was a light and funny story, it talked about some heavy issues that were truly big in the 60's. I think that the thing that I liked about it best was that, for once in the movies/media, the big girl gets the hott guy instead of the skinny girl getting the hott guy. As I read about the movie, most writers described Tracy Turnblad's character as being "pleasantly plump," why can't that be said more? No one likes to be called fat.

I know that there are some people out there who don't like Zac Effron but, oh my heavens, I find him gorgeous and I love his voice.

Nikki Blonsky (playing Tracy Turnblad) did a wonderful job in her first movie. I can't wait to see/hear more of her work.

When we arrived at the theatre we got our tickets, which were a $1.50, because it was a Friday night, which I can understand, but when you go to a dollar movie you sort of expect the tickets to a dollar. Anyway, my sister and I gave my mom and aunt their tickets so they could go and save seats for us. We, in the meantime, went to the local Dollar Tree and boght candy to take into the movie. The cost of it at the theatre is outrageous! A large popcorn there is $5.50 - the same price as a maitenee ticket at one of the Megaplex theatres. Anyway, we stuffed the candy so the movie workers wouldn't notice, I stuffed the candy inside my inner pockets of my levi jacket and my sister stuffed hers in the joey-pocket of her hoodie.

We gave the worker our ticket and my sister had her hands in her joey-pocket and he asked her if she had candy in her pocket and first she pulled out her keys and showed him, but he wasn't fooled, he pointed to another lump in ther pocket and she pulled out her wallet, he still wasn't satisfied, finally she pulled out the box of Mike-n-Ikes. He just acted sarcastically angry and said that he would let her go this time but to never do it again. It was kind of funny that she, the adult of the two of us, got caught and I didn't.

So before the movie started we decided that we needed popcorn too, so I went out to get some and you know how large popcorns (which already cost $5.50) have free re-fills? Well, on a Friday night, it costs 25¢ - that wasn't the only price outrage that my family had - after we got the popcorn we were thirsty so my mom went out to get us all Dasani water bottles and they were a freakin' $4.25 for a 32oz bottle of water!!! It costs less than that to get a case of 16oz water bottles! Obviously she didn't purchase those, she got us all small Sprites instead.

Well all in all, the food at dinner was good, the company was good, the movie was good, the popcorn was good and it was a great ending to a long week.

So, my question for you are these:
  • What is your favorite food at Wendy's and why?
  • Have you seen the movie or broadway musical Hairspray and if you what do you think of it?
  • What is your opinion about the inflated prices at movie theatres?
  • Any other comments are welcome!

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