Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Institute Boys - Part II

OK, to those of you who love to hear about my love life here is today's exciting entry.

After IMing for quite a while on Yahoo Messenger with Viper, Putt and Quag, I was excited to see Tom today. Quag is so intent on me and Tom getting together and he might just get his wish ;)

I made a point to make sure I looked presentable today and that I didn't have one of those downed expressions that turns a guy away. Luckily for me, my English class with Professor Fullmer got out early and I arrived at the 'tute a bit early. I made a point to sit in the middle of the row so then Tom would be able to walk in and get the aisle seat, since he would obviously be there after I was today.
Devotional began and Bro. Scott began to talk and I started to worry, "What if he isn't coming today? What if I don't get a chance to see him before Thanksgiving Break?" I quietly expressed these concerns to my friend Brittany and she calmed me down saying "Don't worry, he will be here." I pulled out an extra measure by putting on one of my favorite lotions that I know guys like. "Moonlight Path" from Bath and Body Works (now my secret is out – lol). Supposedly the lavender in it is supposed to be attractive – what ever... I don't know if it worked or not – I will tell you more and you can tell me what you think.

I said the prayer for Devotional and one of the things that I said was that we would have the Spirit with us. I had to work really hard to make sure it was there, because I wanted to flirt with him so bad during class, but I think he was worse than I was!!! I was writing in my Institute notebook when Tom pointed at my ring finger, on my left hand. I was wearing my birthstone ring from my parents there but he gave me this look of posed confusion and slight worry – like he was worried that I was engaged... Hah! I laugh at that one!!! So to make him happy and to get that corny look off of his face I switched my rings around, putting my birthstone ring on the ring finger of my right hand, my CTR ring on my right hand and my class ring on my left hand...

At one point he took my pen and I was trying to get it back from him with all subtle measures taken. Somehow he ended up holding my hand and when I looked up at him, he looked right back at me and didn't pull away. Then I think we both realized that we were in Institute class and of course I felt my cheeks go red. After that, we focused on the lesson – which was really good one. We were in the book of Alma, chapter five and six. I actually got a lot out of the lesson.

After the benediction was given and class ended this is where things really started to happen. Again, he waited for me to walk out of class with me and he followed me out of the classroom. I turned around and started walking backwards so I could face him. I made note to say that I was impressed with myself at not running into the door, the wall or biffing it on the carpet. With that being said, he placed his hands on my shoulders and he started guiding me down the narrow hall. It seemed like all I could look at was his face and I really didn't want to because he is so gorgeous, it hurts to look into is eyes. So I tried to look at the wall, but continued to let him guide me down the hall. He noticed that I wasn't looking at him and so instead of guiding me with my shoulders he put his hands on my cheeks and guided me that way. All I could see were his deep blue eyes and his cheesey smile. It was if I was bridled by his hands he was so close to me – I could feel something happen, but as we neared the end of the hall where we came to a common area, he let go of me and we walked to the staircase. He mentioned that it might have been scary to walk backwards down the stairs and I agreed with him. So like the funny guy he is, he started to walk backwards down the stairs. I really didn't want him to fall down and hurt himself so I begged him to turn around and when we arrived at the first landing, I pushed him playfully up against the wall and demanded sarcastically that he turn around to go down the stairs – it was quite hott for a while, but then people started coming upstairs so we continued walking down the stairs to the main exit.

He walked with me out of the institute and he gave me his number and we talked more and more about things I cannot remember.

Well guys, let me know what you think...

Much Love!

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