Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Girl's Night Out!!!

Well, it is the end of my first official week of my second semester as a freshman at UVSC!!!
My schedule is pretty packed this semester, I am taking 15 credit hours, which is 3 more than the full-time requirement. Here is my schedule...

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
9:00 Physics BoM II Physiscs BoM II Physics
11:00 Health break Health ASL #s break
12:00 English II Band English II Band English

Until today, I had two English classes because Dr. Fullmer (my English professor for my previous semester) wanted me to continue English 2010 in his class and it was full when I went to go register, so I had to go to the English class I was actually registered for, as well as Dr. Fullmer's class. It was quite the fight to get into Dr. Fullmer's class, I would check nightly and sometimes randomly during the day to see if an opening occured, just as Dr. Fullmer and Gibson suggeested that I do, so I did that for probably about nine days until... well, let me back up, and not get ahead of myself.

Thursday night I checked during every chance I got and the message came up that "No class changes can be made for this semester." I felt like I was gonna have to succumb to the class I didn't want to be in and that I would have to just grin and bear it. So, I presented my problem to Dr. Fullmer and he suggested that I go and try using an "Add Card" which is like a place-holder to be in line to be the next student in the class, he didn't seem to think that it would be any easier though, because it would require departmental adjustments and approvements, which would be hard to come by, seeing as all of Dr. Fullmer's classes are full.

It was a miracle!

The lady at the English Department, didn't bat an eye at my request and approved it without problem, then the people at "One Stop" happily took my five bucks and changed my schedule for me! Hallelujah!
I can't contain my joy at not having to be in Dr. Gibson's class, I mean, he seamed nice enough and everything, but ah! Thank Heavens! I thought I was gonna die!

OK, OK, I am making a bit of a hyperbole out of this, but guys... I was so excited!

So on to G.N.O.!!!

Well I had been hoping that I could have a Girl's Night Out sometime soon, and so I chatted with Jaynee for a bit and we decided that we could have our own chick-flick fun!!!

Ok, I admit, it wasn't exactly a chick-flick, but there was nail-painting, movie watching, the consuming of yummy food and the listening of good music. Jaynee taught me how to french-tip my nails and she has the coolest nail accessories (is that what you call them?). Anyway, I tipped my nails with a chrome-like purple and put white butterflies on the ring-finger nails. I couldn't stop there, don't you know!? I had to paint my toe-nails too and I painted them a darker purple and put stars and butterflies on the big toes. It was nice to kick back and relax and just be girly.

After the nail-painting, Jill (Jaynee's older sister) came over and then we headed to IHOP to have dinner. Jill and Jaynee had strawberry pancakes and I had eggs benedict - which reminded me of the yummy breakfasts at Hobart college in Rochester, New York.

Our waitress was sort of a spaz, she took our orders, brought us our food and a jug of water and we didn't see her again for a long while - we didn't care so much until we had finished everything we ordered and we had downed the whole jug of water and were ready for our checks, it was only when Jill put her purse on her arm that she came over and gave us our checks... Ah well, I didn't much care, it was so much fun just to spend time doing chick stuff.

Once we got home again, Jaynee and I watched Pirates of the Carribean 3 and it just gets better everytime - I think part of that is that I understand it better everytime. We talked about Orlando, Kiera and some other actors who I can't remember their names, (sorry blesh!) but it is very insightful to watch a movie with Jaynee, she knows a lot about what she watches and she clears things up that are hard to understand. Yayness for Jaynee! I still gasped and oohed and ahhed in all ther right places in the movie and I still could barely bear to see Orlando get stabbed and then see Kiera freak out about it. It always gets me right here *puts hand over heart.*

Well, I suppose there was some chick-flick-ish-ness involved, but overall, it was a good time had by all!



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