Monday, March 3, 2008

Holly's Needs

So I was reading my sister's blog and she did this neat thing with 'needs' and you should try it too. What you do is put your name into the Google search bar and then add the word 'needs' to it. Then you get you list of needs via the Google search engine. Woot!

Holly needs...
  • in her Olympic efforts (it's true)
  • go back to neighbors (because they are next door? Why?)
  • ... a home (well I do have one, but not of my own, so I guess it works)
  • start courting (does flirting count?)
  • go to obedience and learn how to walk nicely on a leash because she does a lot of "drifting" from side to side investigating things... (ok then, I didn't know that drifting was a problem)
  • ...a new home (again, I do have one, but who wouldn't mind something new?)
  •, not to be left to rot away in that awful place (well who would want to rot - I can use the help!)
  • ...something (so true, I always need something)
  • ...a work permit (well I am getting a job soon - so yeah!)
  • ...identification (does a drivers license count?)
  • ...a job (wow, this thing it psychic!)
  • ...a pollinator (really? really? are we having this conversation?)
  • ...a hero (well duh! I am so holding out for a hero!)
  • ...both male and female plants for maximum berry production (again, are we really having this conversation? really?)
  • vent (well who doesn't?)
Well, those are only a few of my needs, apparently, according to Google, I have approximately 663,000 needs... Wow!

What do you think of my needs, and what are your needs?

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