Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful Week!

Well, today is Sunday, I have been home from my trip for 11 days now - not even two weeks yet and it seems that Post-Pageant-Depression is settling in. No worries though, that is just another way of saying that I miss being at the Hill, I miss being with the people at the Pageant and I miss the feeling that I had while I was there.

I am pretty sure that I can try my best to keep that feeling with me, even here at home, but it isn't quite the same. I will liken it unto the feeling that you would have at Christmas-time... Do you know the phrase, "Keep Christmas with you, all through the year?" Well, that's what it's like, you can try and keep that feeling with you all the rest of your life but it isn't the same as being there, or it isn't the same as it actually being Christmas. If anything at all, I am going to have to try and keep it alive at least until Sunday, Auugust 24th, Brother Fair asked my sister and I to speak in Sacrament meeting on that day and tell about our experience at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I will make it my goal to try and have a post or two about the Pageant up by that time.

In other news, I had a pretty good week, I worked everyday this week except for Wednesday and, of course, Sunday. I read the new book, Breaking Dawn, starting on last Sunday through Tuesday, (Look for another post on Media Reviews) I hung out with my friend Jaynee, and we watched The Village. I've been watching the Beijing Summer Olympics, which has been good too. The only thing that wasn't so great about this week is that Allyson, one of my co-workers at work, has been pretty much gone this week.

Allyson is the Drum Major at WJHS and therefore must be at the practices that they have. Therefore she wasn't at work, which was sad for me because I love working with her, and because her not being there made me the default folder, which added more work for me at the store, even on slow nights...

I think it was Friday night that I didn't get out of there until after 10:00pm, which is unusual for me since we close at 9:00pm and are out of the store by twenty after. Anyway, on the happier side of things, Wednesday was one of my better days this week.

I started out around 10, going to run errands with my Aunt JoAnne, we headed first to Office Max for some colored paper, since the Library at Church was in dire need of colored paper for the new copy machine. The paper was easy to find, but you couldn't help but get sucked in looking at all of the different things for school and all of the pens! I know I am weird, but that's what scrapbooking does to you, just seeing all of the different possibilities of what different pens can do and their different colors and designs. I don't know why, but colors and designs intrigue me in any form, not just pens, another form is shoes!

After making our purchases at Office Max (mine being a couple of little notebooks and the new Sharpie pens) we headed down a couple of stores of the Family Center Strip-Mall and went into Famous Footwear. JoAnne said that she needed some new shoes for her new job at the local elementary school. It took a lot of self control to not try on shoes for myself and then buy them. Instead of trying and buying for myself, I channeled my "shoe-energy" to helping JoAnne find some cute shoes. And why buy just one pair when it is BOGO? (I know that is a Payless thing, but Famous does it too) So my task was to help her find those kinds of shoes that are easy to slip on, but stay on nicely too - generally the kind that have a bit of elastic in the tongue of the shoe.

After a bit of looking and trying on of shoes, JoAnne ended up getting some nice white Sketchers with little gems on them and she also bought some RocketDog shoes that were multi-colored, mostly in the colors of brown, blue, pink and purple. They are so very cute!!! I wished that I could have bought some for myself, but I remembered that I stopped at the Sketchers store in Park City on my way home from Pageant and that I still owe Chrissi a bit of money...

After I put our spoils in the trunk of JoAnne's beautiful green Pontiac, we headed over to Chili's and had some lunch there. I was reminded of the first time that I had gone to Chili's, which was the only other time I had been to Chili's before this last Wednesday. I had gone before with Julie C. before we had gone to the Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer Tour, concert. I remembered that I had the Big-Mouth Bites, which are the epitome of what I love on a burger and that Julie had a Chicken Ranch Sandwhich. So I suggested that JoAnne have the Big-Mouth Bites and I had the Chicken Ranch Sanwhich... Oh my heavens! It was absolutely delicious!!! I am not a huge fan of spice, but this was just right! Oh, and I will say, on behalf of Chili's that their Cherry Cokes are Fan-Tabulous!!! I downed three of those they are so good. Usually I don't get past one and half drinks let alone two! After lunch, we made a stop at Wal-Mart just to look around and I picked up some stuff for my mom. My self control to spend money on frivoless things nearly broke, if it hadn't have been for JoAnne. They had so many Tinkerbell things and so many shiny things! All for a low price - ha ha

After my close call at Wal-Mart, we headed home and I got JoAnne's stuff in her house and took my stuff home to drop it off. Afterwards, I headed over to Jaynee's house to just hang out, we watched The Village, painted our nails, and ate Twizzlers and Popcorn. It was good to finally see The Village, because Jaynee always talkes about the character, Ivy Walker and one of the guys in the movie, Joquain Pheonix - who is a very handsome man. *wink wink* It was a nice change too, I am forever watching chick flicks or action flicks with cute guys in them, but this was a thriller flick that had suspense, the right amount of romance between a modest young man and woman and suspenceful action! The Village kept me on "the egde of my seat" except for I was on my stomach on the floor with my chin in my hands and my feet waving back and forth. I love hanging out with Jaynee. I can totally be myself when I am with her. I think she is one of my truest most loyal friends and one of the few friends that has been friends with me for more than 3 or 4 years.

So, by 5:00 pm on Wednesday I was home and I was in store for an interesting night. I went with Chrissi to the Library and checked out some new books, texted a lot that evening after dinner. Then I went outside to help do yard work. I took my phone with me, since I knew that friends would be texting me from conversations that were still going and also because I needed a reason to be distracted from yard work - it isn't my most favorite thing in the world. Anyway, I was really glad that I brought my phone out with me because by 7:00 a guy from college texted me.

I met this guy during my first semester of college, I saw him pretty much everyday through my second semester, but I never really got to talk to him - he was just one of those people who you say "Hi, how ya doin'?" to everyday and then move on with life.

Back in June, I went with Jaynee and Marcie to an Institute dance on campus and I saw him there, we danced a couple of dances together and then fast danced with his group of friends. I got his number at the end of the dance and we texted a few times in June, but obviously nothing in July, and then out of the blue, I got a text from him last Wednesday. By 9:15 pm we had texted here and there, until finally he said something that just made me think, "what?!" and so I called him and we chatted until after 11:00pm during which time he asked me out for a date this week! Keep an eye out for more to find out how the date went. Anyway, he came by to see me on Thursday night to tell me a bit about his business and it was good stuff to learn about. I got a hug and a half out of it so that's a good sign (I think).

On Friday, I have got to tell you that I made the absolute best breakfast for myself that I have ever had in a long time. I will share the ingrediants with you...
  • Quarter Green Pepper chopped to desired sizes
  • 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of Pico De Gallo
  • Pinch of Onion Powder
  • Pinch of Garlic Powder
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Three Medium Eggs Scrambled with Vegetables and Seasoning in small bowl
  • Pour in frying pan
  • Let it begin to cook
  • Add and let melt...
    • Grated Cheddar Cheese to desired amount
    • One slice of Provolone Cheese Torn into desired sizes
  • Cook until desired firmness is reached
  • Enjoy!
Saturday was the last day of Harvest Days but I had to work... so instead, my mom and sister went to the park to see what the little booths had to offer. They were nice enough to buy me a pair of purple earrings, and a pearl ring with a purple bead with it - my favorite!!! After work ended I went to a YSA Activity/Birthday Party at Lizzy's house, played Eygptian Rat Screw, had a quick bite, and headed home to meet Chrssi, Mom, and JoAnne to go see Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband for free at the park! It was so freakin' awesome to see them! I never get tired of seeing Ryan and his band live. Their music is fantabulous and I really hope that more people give it a chance. They are all so full of energy and their music is down to earth and not punked up. It rained off and on during the performance, but it was nothing compared to the rain back east! The rain ended for a bit and then it was time for the fireworks that signified the end of Harvest Days and another year of being Midvale City. During the fireworks, it began to rain again, and I wrote the following poem in response to what I felt while I watched, heard, and felt it.


The sky lit up,
brilliant with color.

It seemed, as if,
human memory
or photography
could ever allow
justice to be served
to that dazzling sight

Volumes of sound
shook the atmosphere
around us
and reverberated
off walls of houses
behind us

It seemed, as if,
it was causing
an internal earthquake
for my ribs,
but excitedly so.

It seemed, as if,
the sparks
and charred ends
of the bursting light
were falling to the ground
in a frenzy.

The night was warm.
The drops
made the air hazy.

But I was not sodden
for the leafy shelter
kept it from my face
making the night more

The gleaming blasts
would not be frustrated
So dangerous, so beautiful…
Kept silent and peaceful
until provoked and tempted
to explode into their beauty,
if only for a moment

The drops amongst the fire
only made everything so much more…

I hope you got through my post without falling asleep, and I hope you liked my poem. Please comment! I would love to hear what you have to say, and answer any questions I can. Here is my question for you tonight.
Is there someone who just makes you smile? Who? What can you do to let them know that?

Also, I am going to try and post at least one picture from my Vaction on the rest of my posts so you will get to see a lot of them.
Here is tonights...

This is the last church historical site that we visited before we got home. There is a replica of the Jail housed inside of the visitors center, it is inside of the domed part of the building that you see on the right side. I really enjoyed what I learned there and what I felt there. It was a true testiment to faith and endurance on the part of Joseph Smith and the others who were with him. Enjoy the pic! Ask questions! Comment!

Lots of Love,
Posting Later,

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Jeff! said...

Well written post! It kept me entertained throughout! I sit here pondering to myself as who in particular makes me smile more that anyone else. The first person's name who comes to mind isn't in my life anymore unfortunately. I think you can put two and two together. :( I am still dealing with it.