Friday, November 14, 2008


So this week seemed to be a week of remembrance, first there was the national holiday on November 11, to celebrate and remember veterans who gave their lives for our country, veterans who served and live today and those who are currently serving. I had the marvelous opportunity to go to a veterans day concert that was held at the Huntsman Center, it featured the 23rd National Guard Army Band and various high school madrigal choirs from Granite School District. Alex Boye was a guest performer on the program.

I really liked going to the concert. The patriotic nature was stirring and it took me back to the days of Girls State in my Junior year of high school. The soloists, both vocal and instrumental were fabulous - my favorite would have to have been the clarinet soloist... she hit octaves that I didn't even know could be played on the clarinet! My friend, Mark, is a trombone player in the Army Band and I told him that he needed to set me up with the soloist so I could get some tips from her on how to improve my skills and abilities (and man, in comparison to her, I really need some improvement!!!). There was one part of the concert where all of the songs for each area of the armed forces were played and we were supposed to stand for which armed force(s) represented our family members. Both of my grandfathers were in the armed forces, but the thing that made it sort of sad for me was the fact that I didn't know them at all, at least not in this lifetime.

I know that there was more that I wanted to say for this post, but that's all I've got for my brain power for right now.



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