Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Going Back to New York - Again!!!

Well readers, it has happened again! I was accepted to go to the Hill Cumorah Pageant again! Last time, before I left, I posted a small tidbit here on Xanga, here is the link. I can't believe it! Last year's experience was so wonderful and amazing. I guess I never posted much about it here on Xanga. My sister took good notes and journal entries, so I will have to go back into my journal and hers and see if I can compile something for you guys to read about my experience there. Last year there were 1403 applicants for HCP and only 635 were accepted and my sister and I were two of them! This year there were 1505 applicants for HCP and only 680 were accepted and again, my sister and I are two of them!!! I believe that my sister and I are really lucky, because both times there were only about 1/3 of all applicants accepted.

Chrissy already has the trip planned out and from what she has told me, (several times) is that we will take I-80 straight until we are east enough to drive up into Canada, at which time we will go to Niagra Falls again so we can buy our rain ponchos, which worked wonderfully during the rainy practices. After the pageant is over we want to either fly to New York City or Washington D.C. She kept good track of what all we need for this year and what we don't need. (We packed too many clothes last year.) I think that, again, we will probably be gone for all of July since we have to be there for the 4th and we leave HCP on the 20th.

Anyway... I have so much to tell you guys! I am so excited!

I will be posting more later as I have time. PTYL

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