Friday, January 25, 2008

Music & Lyrics

Have you ever wondered why it is that we choose the music we do? Have you ever wondered how it is that we can find songs that relate to whatever is going on in our lives? I find, in my own experience that I will listen to music that goes along with my mood, and whatever is on my mind. I find the way that artists combine their words with notes to be so amazing... the way that they sing and articulate certain syllables, the way that for one part there is a sudden crescendo and for another there is a slow decrescendo until the sound is so soft it is barely a whisper.

What song is on your mind right now?
If there were a song that you wanted me to hear what would it be?
Are their lyrics that you can relate to?
Does your choice of music change with your mood?
What are your thoughts on music and their lyrics?

I am just really curious about this today, because I either choose my music based on my mood or my music influences my mood. If you want to answer the questions that would be great, if not just say whatever.

I hope you all are enjoying good music and lyrics.
Lots of Love to Ya!


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